Uplift Counselling & Supervision is situated in Aberdeen and serves a local clientelle. Online clients are also welcomed. We believe that counselling has the potential to unlock personal understanding and wellbeing. It, as our banner suggests, can be the promise of dawn in your experience leading to a new day!

I am a BACP Registered Counsellor, and a qualified Supervisor. My private practice is based in my home in the Bridge of Don area of Aberdeen and I work with individuals, couples and fellow counsellors.

I believe counselling can offer you a confidential setting in which you will be listened to and helped to explore your feelings, and find ways to make the changes which may help you.

As a Person-Centred Counsellor, I offer a therapeutic relationship with the qualities of acceptance, a desire to understand and a commitment to being real. I believe that these conditions can help people tap into their own inner resources and trust their own sense of direction.

I am willing to consider EAP work but please note that I will be unable to undertake any paperwork which may be required.

I am pleased to be linked with Uplift, a group reaching into a variety of areas including the media and radio. They aim to promote the general wellbeing of the individual and seek to do so in practical ways such as through counselling, supervision and a 24/7 radio station. Uplift Radio demonstrates their commitment to individual wellbeing by broadcasting uplifting music of all genres for all ages, interspersed with positive thought.  I have included their player on this site.